Clever PWCS Icon this is not a web link

Most of the Programs that Students Use have Web Links in Clever.

The first time you log into Clever you may need to put in your VNES email address and password.  After that, you will just need to click on Clever. 


Here is How You Can Get to Clever

Clever Web Site Web Link

You can also scan this QR code to get to Clever
QR code

How to Find Clever on Vaughan's Homepage

Step 1  Go to Vaughan's Homepage  

Step 2
  Choose your Language translation if needed

Find the translater option on the VNES homepage

Step 3
  Click on the Students Tab

Student Tab

Step 4   Look for Clever.  Other important student links such as Vaughan Online, StudentVue and the Kindle Form are here.  Students can always see their grades in View My Grades (StudentVUE)

Finding Clever

There you go!  If you have questions or need help, please email me, Mrs. Roberts, Vaughan's Instructional Technology Coach.  I am happy to help.