Optional insurance is being offered through a partnership with Securranty and Prince William County Public Schools.
Posted on 09/01/2021

We highly encourage each family to take advantage of the optional insurance being offered through a partnership with
 Securranty and Prince William County Public Schools.  If purchased, the insurance covers unlimited repairs and replacements for everuthing from broken screens, lost chargers, and accidental damage, with a zero deductable for one year on a school-issued device. 
Families will be responsible for any damage, including accidental damage that occurs to student laptops and this insurance coverage can help provide peace of mind.

The link below includes more information about this insurance policy as well as a portal to purchase the insurance directly. We have also attached the insurance flyer for your review. 

The cost of this insurance is $32.95 for one year, per device.

Student Laptop Insurance Flyer.pdf

Website for Insurance Information