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@ Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary School


We hope that you and your family are safe and well!  All Prince William County Schools will remain closed to students through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, but that doesn’t mean that learning should stop.  There are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your child climbs the ladder of success over the summer break. For more information about the meaning of Summer Slide watch the short video attachment.

Vaughan’s Title I teachers will be providing free materials and a few suggestions to keep your child on the right track over the summer. The Title I Office is working to have reading resources and math activities mailed directly to students' homes following the FERPA regulations.   To mail the materials to you, we will need for you to verify your current mailing address.  Please take the time to contact one of Vaughan’s Title I teachers.  We want to ensure that our students thrive, even in a virtual world!

RSVP:  by Thursday, April 30

HOW:  through ClassDojo or email

Contact Information:

ClassDojo: Anderson/Jackson/Ridley         

Email:Ms. Anderson:   Ms. Jackson:      Dr. Ridley:

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@Escuela Primaria Elizabeth Vaughan


¡Esperamos que usted y su familia estén seguros y bien! Todas las escuelas del condado de Prince William permanecerán cerradas para los estudiantes hasta el final del año escolar 2019-2020, pero eso no significa que el aprendizaje deba detenerse. Hay algunos pasos que puede seguir para asegurarse de que su hijo suba la escalera del éxito durante las vacaciones de verano. Para obtener más información sobre el significado de Summer Slide, vea el breve video adjunto.

Los maestros de Título I de Vaughan proporcionarán materiales gratuitos y algunas sugerencias para mantener a su hijo en el camino correcto durante el verano. La Oficina del Título I está trabajando para que los recursos de lectura y las actividades de matemáticas se envíen por correo directamente a los hogares de los estudiantes siguiendo las regulaciones de FERPA. Para enviarle los materiales por correo, necesitaremos que verifique su dirección postal actual. Tómese el tiempo para comunicarse con uno de los maestros de Título I de Vaughan. ¡Queremos asegurarnos de que nuestros estudiantes prosperen, incluso en un mundo virtual!

RSVP:  para el jueves 30 de abril

COMO:  por ClassDojo o e-mail

Información de Contacto:

ClassDojo: Anderson/Jackson/Ridley         

Email: Ms. Anderson:   Ms. Jackson:   Dr. Ridley:

Climbing a Ladder                                                                                      Climbing a Ladder                      



Hello Vaughan Mathematicians, 

Please know that we miss seeing your smiling faces!  We hope that you are in good health and making the most of your time with your families during these tough times.  We know that it may be challenging finding activities that support math at the same level as students were being taught in the classroom.  Prince William County has posted online academic resources, suggested free apps, offline activity ideas, and optional daily schedules.  To access these resources you can visit the new PWCS Home Learning page.

 Are you looking for more?  To the left of this page, you will find links for math sites, Title I newsletters with suggested activities, as well as a math calendar for each grade level that includes one problem per day (in both English and Spanish).  In addition, students that were enrolled in the Imagine Learning Program prior to the crisis are able to access their accounts from home.   

Keep smiling, stay active, stay healthy, and we will see you soon. 

Your Title I Teachers,
Ms. Anderson and Ms. Jackson


The PWCS Mathematics program promotes an environment in which students develop a comprehensive and enduring understanding of the concepts of mathematics. Students learn to effectively apply these concepts and use a variety of problem solving strategies. The program nurtures a productive disposition toward mathematics, challenges all learners, and supports further investigations in this field.

The Virginia Standards of Learning form the foundation for a strong Prince William County Elementary Mathematics Program that emphasizes problem solving, communication, reasoning and proof, connections, and multiple representations. It provides the framework for all students in Prince William County Public Schools to achieve a high level of conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. Concepts are introduced and developed through the use of models and hands-on experiences. Students are expected to apply concepts and skills through a variety of problem-solving experiences.



Parental Notification of Assessment Opt Out Policies under The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015

According to the Virginia Department of Education, "All students in tested grade levels and courses are expected to participate in Virginia's assessment program, unless specifically exempted by state or federal law or by Board of Education regulations." On December 10, 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) was signed into law. Section 1112(e)(2) of ESSA states that parents of students in Title I schools have a right to know about state or division policies regarding student participation in any assessments mandated by ESSA, including any policy, procedure, or parental right to opt students out of such assessments. The Commonwealth of Virginia does not currently have an Opt Out policy for SOL assessments. However, Section 22.1-253.13:3.C of the Code of Virginia states that, “The Board of Education shall not include in its calculation of the passage rate of a Standards of Learning assessment for the purposes of state accountability any student whose parent has decided to not have his child take such Standards of Learning assessment, unless such exclusions would result in the school's not meeting any required state or federal participation rate.” Prince William County Public Schools regulations state that, if a parent or guardian decides to not have a student take a state or local assessment, then the person making the request should be informed about the academic consequences that decision could have on the student.

If you would like to receive more information about this topic, please contact the principal.

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