Ms. Cressman's Virtual Office Hour:
12:30p.m.-1:30p.m. every Tuesday
I will be available to answer any questions you may have during this time. Please e-mail me at


Music Activity for the Week of June 8-June 12:
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Ms. Cressman

Hello Wildcats! My name is Ms. Cressman and I am very excited to be teaching music for the 6th year in a row at Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary! I hope you all had an amazing summer and were able to do some fun things. 

A little more about me: I graduated with Bachelor's of Music Education in 2014 from Longwood University. I sing, play guitar, ukulele, piano and an assortment of classroom instruments that we will be playing this year! My birthday is May 5th, my favorite color is green, my favorite food is cheese, and I love hiking and geocaching in my free time!

I miss making music with each and everyone of you and hope to see all of your smiling faces soon! I hope you all are using the power of music to spread happiness among you and your family! 


Ms. Cressman

Music Websites for Virtual Learning:

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Go on an instrument safari and learn about
each instrument of the orchestra with engaging
and challenging listening activities. Try to collect
all the instruments!

 Chrome Music Lab
Chrome Music Lab
There are so many ways to experience music with the Chrome Music Lab! You can compose your own song in Song Maker, explore different rhythms and percussion instruments in Rhythm, explore high pitch and low pitch sound waves in Sound Waves, and so much more! 

New York Philharmonic KidZone
New York Philharmonic
Go to the Game Room for music matching games
and scavenger hunts. Go to the Instrument
Storage Room
 to learn about musical instruments.
Go to the Dressing Rooms to meet the soloists and
conductors. Go to the Instrument Lab to make
your own instruments. Go to the Composers’
 to learn about famous composers!

 Classics for Kids
Classics for Kids
This website has so many music activities to choose
from! You can learn musical terms, compose your own
music, match rhythms, learn note names, learn about
composers through the composer timeline time
machine, explore the composer map, and learn about
the different instruments of the orchestra! 

San Francisco Symphony Kids
San Francisco Symphony Kids
Learn about the instruments of the orchestra and their families! You can read about each family, learn about the history of the instruments and listen to each instrument by itself!

Choose different rhythms, melodies, and sounds to mix your own music in seven different styles. Dress up each musician in Incredibox and hear your own compositions!