Welcome to Mrs. White's
Third Grade Class

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Please check this website, or visit our Class Dojo site, to receive updates and exciting announcements regarding our class! 

Office Hours:
Every Tuesday from 9:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m 

Weekly Activity Boards
To support your continued learning, we have designed a weekly activity board to be completed each week. There are activities for each subject area, some involving technology and others that do not. This is not set up as a M, T, W, Th, F calendar. Your student can complete any activity in any order throughout the week, until the whole board is complete. Some activities can even be repeated every day if they choose to.

You will find the activity boards in the "Weekly Activity Boards" tab to the left of your screen. I have also attached the link below.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Activity Board June 8 - June 12 Click here to download!

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There are to-go meals available to students under the age of 18. More information is provided in the link below.


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PWCS has provided optional schedules for parent to use at home AND website links for additional resources. I have posted the website in "useful links" and will post it here as well!

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Are you wondering how to have your student continue practicing current math skills at home? PWCS purchased a Math Program called Origo this year. We have used the workbooks in class so the students might recognize the online version in comparison. Due to our current situation, Origo is producing "ORIGO at Home" for families to use for "at home learning." I have posted the link in the "useful links" tab, but also copied it here for your convenience. 

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Prince William Public Library is offering curbside pickup! This is a great way to read, read, read! Please see the "useful links" tab for the website.

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KINDLES and CHARGERS are being sent home with students! Each student has an assigned Kindle number that they use in class. This is the Kindle they will be taking home. Please make sure your child brings the Kindle AND charger back to school!

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School books are also being sent home with students. These books were selected based on the students' reading level. Each student has been given 5 books to take home. Please make sure your child brings ALL 5 books back to school!

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I have given rulers, mini clocks, and lined paper to students who requested to borrow them. Please make sure they bring them when they return back to school!

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You can still order your YEARBOOKS online until April 5th!
They are $14 each.
The students were given an order form last week with all the information you would need.

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Options for your child at home:
(Any of the following websites are also listed in the USEFUL LINKS tab to the left of my webpage)

1. Research an ecosystem, animal of choice, civilizations, biographies, etc. 
(you can use websites in "useful links")

2. Prodigy (website)
(your child has their own username and password)

3. Practice measuring various items using centimeters and inches
(this could be any item around the house)

4. Read and discuss their reading
(every student should have the "Reading Comprehension" questions in their STAR Binder)

5. Sketch a picture of what they are reading

6. Have them practice telling time from an analog clock rather than digital clocks on phones and computers

7. Imagine Learning (website)
(some students have logins for this program and have access to Reading and/or Math practice)

8. Brain Pop or Brain Pop Jr. (website)
You are able to get free access for families for your student to watch videos on Brain Pop.

9. Flocabulary (website)
You can do a free trial to allow access for your students to learn fun songs that are also educational. The students love these because they always have a really cool beat!

10. Reading A-Z (webiste)
You can do a free trial or try some free samples. This website provides leveled texts for students to read.

Please contact me with any questions or if you have difficulty accessing any of the suggested websites. You can reach me on Class Dojo, email (whitedl@pwcs.edu), or text/call.