June 1, 2020
To support your continued learning we have designed this board of optional activities that may be completed during the week of June 1 to June 5.
Choice Board June 1 - 5
Junta de Eleccion

May 25, 2020
Choice Board May 25 - 29
Junta de Eleccion

May 18, 2020
Choice Board May 18 -23
Junta de Eleccion

May 11, 2020

Choice Board May 11 - May 15
Junta de Eleccion del 11 al 15 de mayo

May 4, 2020
Choice Board May 4 - May 8
Junta de Eleccion del 4 al 8 de mayo

April 27, 2020
Choice Board April 27 to May 1
Junta de Eleccion del 27 de abril al 1 de mayo

I made two videos to help you with activities at home.  Check them out.
How to Make a Race Car
How to Make a Pattern

April 20, 2020
Choice Board April 20-24
Junta da Eleccion del 20 al 24 de abril

April 17, 2020
How to Make a Dinosaur
How to Plant a Seed

April 13, 2020

Choice Board April 13 - 17

Junta da Eleccion

April 4, 2020
Fun Music lessons

April 2, 2020
You can draw with Mo Willems, author and illustrator of the Pigeon books.
Pigeon Cartoon

Draw with Mo Willems

Mommy and Daddy's Restaurant -
a fun activity to practice table manners.
Home Restaurant Video

Priscila's Calm Down Corner
June 1, 2020

Celebrations - Kindness Jar

Celebraciones - Jarrita de Bondad

May 25, 2020
Mindful Yoga - Aquatic Animal Poses
Yoga Consciente - Posiciones de Animales Acuaticos

May 18, 2020
Anger - Red Color Monster
Enojo - El monstruo rojo

May 11, 2020

That's not fair - Using your words

No es justo - Usando tus palabras

May 4, 2020
Story About Emotions - Sad Blue Monster
Un Cuento de las Emociones - El Monstruo Triste
April 27, 2020

Muscle Relaxation
Relajación Muscular

April 20, 2020
Twinkle Twinkle Loving Ritual
Estrellita - Rutina Cariñosa
April 13, 2020
Smell the Flower - Breathing Exercise to Calm
Huela la Flor - Ejercicio de Respiracion

Monthly Learning Objectives

(Monthly Instructional Calendars found in Files)

Here's what we are learning in April
Reading We will practice letter names and sounds.
We will demonstrate knowledge of environmental print and how print works.
We will listen to books for pleasure and information.
We will retell stories using the book or props.                                                           
We will write or draw for many different purposes.

We will count objects to 10 using one to one correspondence.
We will recognize and use number words and symbols.
We will explore patterns in our environment.

We will learn about the weather and the pattern of seasons.
We will learn about the life cycles of plants and butterflies.

Social Studies   We will recognize that people have different roles and functions in the community.

We will appreciate and participate in the creative arts.

We will demonstrate strength, flexibility, balance, and timing in using our large muscles.